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Want Oscar-ready skin?

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Written by: Elizabeth Rostan, M.D.

Bad news – Oscars postponed until April 2021. Good news is you have time to get your skin in red carpet shape! Get to know what the fractional laser can do for you:

Discolorations or brown spots from the sun, fine lines and wrinkles, dull skin, scars – even precancerous lesions can all be improved with fractional laser treatments. Fractional lasers are lasers that treat a fraction - or percentage - of the skin with each pass of the laser over the skin. These impacts then do their magic. The laser target is dermal water – heating the dermal layer of the skin and creating a microscopic wound. Healing from this wound stimulates collagen, elastin and skin matrix renewal. Also unique to fractional lasers is that as each impact heals, unwanted discoloration from sun damage is pushed out – leaving brighter, less blotchy skin.

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Written by: Kristin Brunson, R.N. 

Did you know your skin stops producing collagen and elastin in your 20’s eventually leaving you with thin, sagging skin? That loss of collagen and elastin, paired with gravity, creates sagging jowls, undesirable turkey necks and a heavy, undefined jawlines.  Charlotte Skin and Laser is here to help!

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Charlotte Skin and Laser got a literal facelift

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The 100 block of Providence Road is now an exhibition space for public art with the addition of new large-scale wall sculpture, Santé, commissioned by Charlotte Skin and Laser from Charlotte-artist, Matthew Steele. Offering both a detailed and fractional survey of the human form, Matthew Steele’s installation connects the viewer to the building from a distance. While the undulating form greets visitors at the point of entry with a more personal view that rewards the viewer’s interaction with a rich visual experience. 

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New Provider: Mary Ellen Luchetti

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We are excited to introduce a new provider, Dr. Mary Ellen Luchetti to Charlotte Skin and Laser! She joins the practice specializing in medical dermatology while completing a certification course in Integrative Dermatology through the American Academy of Dermatology.

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Welcome Back!

We are open and ready to see your (masked) faces again!

Click the link below to see some of the changes and precautions we have implemented to keep you safe when you visit our office.


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Office Temporarily Closed for COVID-19 Corona Virus

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It has always been our philosophy to take the very best care of our patients by helping you look and feel your best.  This responsibility extends to our greater community in these uncertain times.  Because of the COVID-19 Corona Virus, Charlotte Skin & Laser will be temporarily closing as a precautionary measure, effective immediately. 

If you have an appointment scheduled during this time, you will be notified by one of our patient care representatives with options to reschedule or to convert your in-person visit to a telemedicine appointment.


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Father's Day

Father's Day is approaching fast! Whether you're looking for a last minute Father's Day gift or just wanted to add a special touch, give him a gift that we know he'll love.

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May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month

Written by: Elizabeth Rostan, M.D.

Summer is almost here! I thought I would share some facts about skin cancer -

Skin cancer is the most common cancer in adults in the United States, affecting 1 in 5 Americans. The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) reports that more than 2 million cases of nonmelanoma skin cancer (squamous cell and basal cell) are diagnosed each year.

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Laser Treatment for Rosacea and Redness

Rosacea Awareness Month is in full effect! We want to share with you a popular laser treatment we offer that can combat Rosacea’s deep pigments and a variety of other concerns that can cause redness such as acne scars, bruises, angiomas, Port Wine Stain and even warts.

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